Boli Xu

Welcome! I am an assistant professor of economics at the University of Iowa, Tippie College of Business

My research interests are microeconomic theory, industrial organization, and organizational economics

I received my Ph.D. in economics from Northwestern University in June 2023. 


C.V. (updated June 2024)


Institutional Website

Working Papers

[1] Strategic Exits in Stochastic Partnerships: The Curse of Profitability (updated 04/2024) [draft] [SSRN]

[2] Partnership Stability and the Benefit of Imperfect Monitoring (updated 07/2023) [draft] [SSRN]

[3] Falsifiable Test Design in Coordination Games (with Yingkai Li, updated 07/2024) [draft] [arXiv]

[4] Optimal Disclosure in Two-Sided Matching [draft] [SSRN]


[1] Reserve Price Signaling with Public Information: Evidence from Online Auto Auctions (with Junyan Guan)
[full version, SSRN] [slides]

Work in Progress

[1] A Revision-Game Concept of Stability and Cooperation in Games (with Bruno Strulovici)

[2] Dynamic Delegated Search (with Allen Vong)

[3] Robust Contracting for Search (with Theo Durandard and Udayan Vaidya) 

[4] Strategic Information Acquisition with Payoff Externalities

[5] Farsighted Network Formation with Upfront Costs